Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scrap to lose challenge

Ok quickie post today ...I have a zillion little projects I need to get done on topof laundry and normal everyday family stuff ( Oh why oh why do kids have to eat? Pouty )

Anyway , I am sure I have mentioned before that I belong to a wonderful group on Sparkpeople. They have weekly challenges that I am hoping to paticipate in more on a regular basis. So the first one of the year was to scrap using a white background and only 2 different colors. Well here is my page. It is Thanksgiving of 06 when myhubby deployed and so I went to my grandmothers to be with family!

Then there is this one that I did. I really struggled with this page because I hated this particular deployment. Not that one is ever good, but I realized as far as years went 06/07 left a bitterness in my heart that I am still trying to get over.

You know one day I will find a good spot for me to take good pics of my pages for all to see. Ohh and don't forget I have blog candy here.


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