Monday, January 19, 2015

My 12th Man projects

I would like to start saying I am a Cowboys fan living in Seahawks Territory. Yes, it makes for some very interesting months at work during the holidays when I show up wearing my jersey. It doesn't help when one of my favorite and dearest best of friends is a Seahawk fan and I have untold access to Seahawk fabric and craft supplies. So for Christmas I bought 2 yards of fabric to make her this infinity scarf...
Photo by Erin Peasner

While on enforced bed rest I decided I needed to use up all my excess fabric supply and so I decided to make a rag wreath. Lucky her she gets the benefit of all my left overs lol. Like I said How Bout Them Cowboys?

In total I used approximately 3 yards of left over fabric to make a 12 x 12 square wreath.

Starting out I cut all my fabric into 9 by 2  inch strips.

Here are my piles. and wire frame ready to go. ( sorry like I said I was on bed rest and so tried to stay in bed as much as possible.
Taking one strip folded in half  I slipped it under the wire..
then grabbed the ends through to tie a "knot"
The back will look like this as you tie
Worked all the way around the frame and fluffed it up....
Here is what it looks like outside on my window where it will not stay LOL. I just wanted a picture in natural lighting.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Receiving is nice too

I have been an awful friend and have not bragged on my friends in a long, long time. I have gotten some wonderful cards and I have not shared them. Well, I am taking care of that now. My picture quality is not the best so cards are prettier then they appear lol.

First up is a Christmas card from my friend Amber. The polar bears are cute!

2nd is from my crafty pal, Denise over at Being Craft-De, That's me!  I love the peaceful feel and pop of red in this one.

Now for Jeanne over at Jeannie's Happy World. I have decided that it is my mission to start actually mailing letters and cards again. I do not want it to become a lost art. Jeanne is all aboard and sends replies so I have a few to share of hers. First up her very awesome Lawn Fawn christmas card.
This is one I recieved in reply to one of my cards I sent her...She says it was a beginners card LOL let me tell you she is talented because my cards now aren't this layered and gorgeous!
This is a bad bad picture but the card is absolutely adorable. Another Lawn Fawn ditty ( I find it ironic we both fell in love with Lawn Fawn about the same time. Great minds and all LOL) for my fall card. Love it!
and the crown jewel of the collection. This literally sat on my German wall unit for months so I could see it everyday it was so amazing. A lovely peacock she took a lot of time to color , flecked with gold and layers with flowers and gorgeousness. Yes I have amazing, talented friends!

I think as crafters we need to start using all these things we make and mail these creations to brighten peoples day. Think we can commit to that? Take one day a month an dmail some sunshine to peoples lives? I think so.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Cheers to the dead

Few people get my obsession with zombies. I have had it since seeing Dawn of the Dead in my young impressionable years. My mom let us watch horror movies since birth lol. Lucky me my brothers have the same fascination so I had to just use my zombie images to make him his card. I even like my coloring in this one. The classes I am taking are paying off. As I was coloring all I could think was are the candy canes brain flavored?

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