Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Depression Sucks

The death of  one of the greatest actors comedians ever, Mr. Robin Williams, shook me to my core yesterday. When I read it was suicide I died a little inside. When I read it was caused by depression it took everything in me not to start bawling in the movie theater.  I was reading a lot of we had no idea, or  he had so much to live for.  Depression can affect anyone , at any time , at any age, and is a silent killer as we now know.  One quote I always see from him everywhere is
now I am not saying his family didn't love him. I am not saying he didn't love them. I am not even hinting they had marital issues. What I am saying is maybe they didn't get it. I have a husband who loves me endlessly but he doesn't get my depression and that feeling that you are all alone in world is quite overwhelming.
      In HIS head there was no escape but death. He was loved by many in this world but in his head it may have seemed superficial. Why didn't he get help then? many may ask. As a celebrity every move, every stint in rehab, every drs. visit is scrutinized under the public eye. Maybe he didn't want to hear the judgement and remarks people make concerning depression on just a normal daily basis. I myself have heard several and let me tell you it keeps me from talking about it.
  I got help. Through medication I have stabilized. Through a year and a half of therapy I am making strides in my way of thinking. I have a long way to go and I still have moments when I am depressed but it isn't hopeless anymore. I wish he was given that chance. Respect his families wish for privacy they now have to deal with the aftermath. I am sure he is now asking God what the deal is with the platypus and seeing in Heaven how much he truly was loved and will be missed. To quote OPM
" Don't be ashamed of who are and how you died, I know you just wanted to find the brighter side."
Thanks For the laughs Mr. Williams. You will stay with us forever and I will not say good bye. I will say save a spot for me in the audience.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

My little Pi Rho

My oldest daughter is a quiet, shy introvert who does not socialize very much so I want to take this opportunity to put the spotlight on her and something she loves to do.  Last year as a freshman she joined the schools robotics team. She even lettered in it.  

 She remained the treasurer for the team this year and I will be honest I just thought it was a little thing. I was so wrong. FIRST is a worldwide robotics program that starts in elementary schools! YES ELEMENTARY! The encourage and support these kids in ways I didn't imagine. Every year they put out the years course and the kids develop the robots to get the goals and such done. I am not explaining this 100% correctly but I don't have her here for technical terms. 

The team built this robot and made it to regionals....

Now here's the kicker most of the teams they were up against, 50 + kids on ONE team. We have 10 with 6 being able to attend regionals. These kids don't even have the sponsers they need and they had to raise money in 3 days to be able to go. They managed, so I signed up to be chaperone and off we went....here's the course.

My daughters team drivers are the ones in the top hats  

We had a broken robot for a match...

After the 2 days of qualifiers and first round of finals we took the team to red robin for dinner... 

The team and their buttons...and capes one of the boys made.

The darling daughter.... 

The team and the parents that were there. 

These guys did awesome they placed 35 out of 152. Doesn't sound like much but for the teams they were up against these kids did amazing! I couldn't be prouder and the girl lettered again and is VP for her Junior year.  Way to go baby girl.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ECCC 2014

I have been so far behind in blogging that I realized I had not shared our comic con pictu.res! What the heck?!? The highlight of my year and I didn't share that? What the heck is wrong with me? LOL
This year there was only one person on my list for must have autographs and that was Steven Yeun or Glenn from The Walking Dead. He backed out last minute and was replaced with Tyrese. While I love Tyrese it just wasn't the same. I did shake the mans hand tho so that was cool.
I also met the King of geekdom himself Mark Shepard. If you don't know who that is you need to turn in your geek card. He has been in everything from X-files to his current roll of Crowley in Supernatural. I love Mark Shepard! While I did get his autograph, it wasn't for me it was for my Supernatural obsessed friend Cassie. I got her Misha Collins last year. I was happy to get the the chance to tell Mr.Shepard what an awesome actor I think he is. 

On with the pictures so I didn't get much of the cosplay this year. but here it goes. Of course Star Wars!

My youngest getting beat on by assassins

We went and saw the Lego Exhibit this year and so I took a lot of pics there starting with  Lord of the Rings.. isn't that water fabulous?

The fellowship in Rivendell

Complete Batcave

The Jokers Funhouse

My husband favorite Harley Quinn

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lair...

On our way down to the model exhibit I saw this awesome piece of art work...

Models ...

Hobbit and Legolas Cosplay

Michelle and her friend at the Whose Line Is It Anyway? Panel

Dr. Who ...

My older brother and I managed to get my baby brother Jamesy up here for 2 days to join us so of course we had to take him to the waterfront...

My 2 goofy brothers on the Seattle Great Wheel

At the gum wall...lol my family hates pictures from the gum wall...

Pike's Place market...

It was a really awesome weekend and believe it or not the only swag I walked away with was copic markers and a free swag bag from the Supernatural panel. Can't wait till next year!

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