Friday, October 31, 2014

Let The Season begin!

I always felt that Halloween started the holiday season because Thanksgiving fast approaches followed by Christmas and New Years. Retail just kind of affirmed that in my head. No matter what your plans be safe and Have a Great night! Me I think I will just pass out candy and watch Halloween in the tube! Michael Myers is my boogie man!
Anyway Let me share with you my fun me in digi stamp wearing a daryl dixon riot tee!
Yup, I will riot if they kill off my favorite zombie slayer. He kicks butt! Are my walking dead peeps enjoying season 5? What are your thoughts so far?


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Girl/ flower power

Picking the paper first worked so well on my last card I tried it again and I had received this paper pack from a secret sister swap. I really loved the flower print so I drew my inspiration from there.
It looked like a perfect picnic place for this Saturated Canary digi image. I can just imagine her dining in an English garden. Sunrays on her shoulders no cares in the world. Ahh bliss!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

sassy happy

My normal process in card making is to color first and find stuff to match later. I never seem to have luck with that so I went against the grain and picked out my colors and pattern paper first and colored  my image based on that.
I have to say this way worked out better then I had hoped. The image is from Saturated Canary, an artist my bestest got me addicted to. It is also the image that convinced me I needed to break down and join an online coloring class. is my kryptonite and the bane of my crafty need. I can not do hair not even to draw it. Ohh well I still love her!

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