Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It seems like forever

     I took a break from card making and worked on finishing Kyla's 2011 album. It was really hard to get my brain to think back on pages rather then a small 4x5 area.  I am happy to show you what seems like decades ago when my daughter turned 12. ( She is now 15. The last 3 years were very turbulant.)

    This was the last birthday we had a "girlie" birthday. I ran with it and made the page pink and full of girl fun! It really came together and I have to say I kinda miss the girlie thing.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In a box far, far away...

      Everyone wants their own personal touches in creative space. I am no different. I love purple and I love my purple craft space but, come on, one can over do it so I try not to buy too much unless I just have to have it. Browsing pintrest one night, I saw an amazing idea. Cover empty shoe boxes with fabric and hot glue! One of those What the hell !?! Why didn't I think of that? moments. I had plenty of Star wars fabric left over from the bestests quilt so I set forth and made one.

      I have no idea what I shall use it for yet. Maybe a gift box for someone else to use. Whatever I decide it was a fun, fast, I feel crafty kinda thing that I managed while binge watching tv! Even though I almost set the house on fire from an exploding hot glue gun and got a 2nd degree burn. But that's beside the point. It's STAR WARS!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Finding my place

        Just when I think I have this whole timing blog schedule under control, the curve balls come flying out of no where. Add that with my impatience of wanting everything done now attitude and you have a recipe for no blogging for 2 months. There have been health issues with several members of my family, I myself have had bronchitis that lasted 6 long weeks and a minor outpatient procedure.  I have however been getting stuff done in my absence. I will share one of those do it now projects today. 
         I have been on a declutter binge for quite some time now. I have cleaned up my pantry before but I had to run to the dollar tree for a certain item and they had amazing purple fall bins sitting out waiting to be plucked into my hot little hands. Here's what happened next.....

My semi ok before. Still cluttered but i can find what I need....

 My after. The bins helped coral all the straying items that never wanted to stay put.
 You can see I added bins to hold snacks, bags, and puppy items. I was even able to fit more on the top shelves.

I am happy to report that 2 months later it is still organized and kept neat. I haven't even had to yell at my family to keep it up. They know where everything goes and have been fantastic at putting it back. Major battle won in the clutter war.

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