Friday, May 8, 2015

Miles Apart

The main reason I bought the Wish You Were Here stamp set by Lawn Fawn was because I knew I was going to make my bestest some cards with it. It is so hard living across the states from each other.  Sometimes you just have to send thinking of you cards.

For her card I thought these cute wood veneer states by Studio Calico would make a great accent. Washington in purple for me and Texas in green for her. Stamped with x's for us both. 
  How do you show your best friend you care about them , if you guys live apart?


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Traveling the card at a time

A recent discovery for me is the Lawn Fawn Company. Well, not to recent but I don't count knee deep in the seasonal swing because when I can shop ,its for Christmas.

The thing about Lawn Fawn that I LURVE ,LURVE, LURVE (besides the cute factor) is the fact that the sets have coordinating dies that are so easy to use with their sets.
When I finally got a hold of this wish you were here stamp set,
I knew I had to create something soon. Here it is...
Colored with an x where I live (approximately) on a pop dot to show that my friend should be here. OK maybe not Here , here but definitely closer then across the pond!

Head on over to the Lawn Fawn Store and let me know which stamp set is your favorite!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The impact of having a planner

I used to love my Dilbert Dayrunner planner. He stayed faithfully with me through high school. Then I had kids, then I moved to a foreign country where I didn't work and just raised them. He wasn't as useful anymore. He's still around in the capacity of an address book. I fell out of the habit of needing him. This last month I tried to revisit him and bring him back to life. Unfortunately, his parent company just didn't have anything to suit what I needed. Bummer I would have loved to use all his bells and whistles then it hit me. I really don't them. 

    Now with the movement towards planners and binders, I love me some of the companies out there. Again though, I just don't need all the detail planning that these companies offer. Lovely Bridgett said lets make our own. Well, I researched it and the problems I had were 1. just about EVERYTHING is printed on 8x10 format & 2. the few I did find for smaller sizes would still need a binder and this thing lives in my purse. Ladies you all know what abuse we put our things through in our purses and bags. A binder just wasn't going to work. 

Let me show you what I found that works for me. First some supplies, I decided on these 4 colors to use with my awesome calendar stamp set.

The set was given to me after a friend decided she no longer wanted it and I didn't think I would find a lot of uses for it but I made it hang around. Good thing too.They are the perfect size.

My only requirement was it had to have a monthly and a weekly calender.I had so much going on that a monthly just wasn't going to cut it. I found this beauty at Target for $7.99. 
The front of the cover slides out so I can personalize it with the crafty stash! YAY! Until I do though the manufactured one is pretty. I made 3 paper clip markers to mark sections off some areas of my binder.
I love that the tabs are monthly...and that the cover extends beyond them so no accidents to rip them off.

First, inside the cover I have my stickie note pad Bridgett made for me and the front page I use as a dashboard of sorts.

This planning page I believe I will use to jot blog ideas. I don't need a lot of room for that because as long as I don't forget the idea I will be ok.
Next is the monthly calendar where I stamp and color coded important things. I also highlighted all the holidays. Here I will just do a quick note , like Dr. Dentist etc
Then in the weekly I will write the important details....

There is another planning guide in the back and I plan on using that for ideas for possible you tube videos but I did such an awful job on the last one I may never do another one!

Some note pages and on the back of the last page I have my most frequently used addresses for quick on the go mailings.
The binder clip in the back holds important paper work
As an added bonus I can take this out when I get home and write the important things on our family calendar. That way even my husband can't say he doesn't know what I have going on!

There it is my planner and how I try to keep it all flowing together. Do you use a planner? If so whats your favorite brand?

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