Sunday, January 11, 2009

SBS group challenge 15

This weeks challenge was for a humorous card. I think this set is as humorous as I have in my stamps. But I love it and it is appropriately named stinkin cute. I think the skunk fits the name.

I chose to go with a simple card this week and you will see why on my post tommorrow. I just used red cardstock from colormates, the pp is chatterbox, and the ribbon is from walmart. Easy Pesy!

Fellow blogger friend Jeanne posted a blog about stupidity in print that you can see fully here. But this had to be my favorite. I mean who hasn't felt this way about a sibling at some point! I am the only girl with three brothers. I was the only girl on my dad side of the family for 14 years and I grew up around my cousins till I was 6. I can fully fully relate!

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