Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's on your plate today?

Well I woke up to Jeannies comment of CONGRATS YOU WON! I was doing a huh? Question MarkThen I was like ohhh wait a min the Twilight giveaway at Sunshine and Lemonade. So I hustle over and wow I didn't win the big super pack but I won what I had really wanted out of there.
So as soon as this puppy is in my hands I am off to go get the book everyone is talking about. Best part is I get to enjoy this while reading my yummy new book!

Looking forward to it! Thanks Kat for the awesome giveaway.

Now I am sure that people are wondering when the heck is she gonna do a giveaway of her own? Well I have decided to wait till I get to 5000 hits.I am already over 3000 Woohoo! so I am thinking it will be soon! Question is what is your fav type of candy? Gift cards? Merchandise? Tell me tell me cuz I wanna make it good!

Also any good vibes, prayers, thoughts sent to my pal Bridgett who is doing her Holiday village over in Indiana today (she is being a doll and trying to seel some of my cards too AAKKKK!) would be greatly appreciated! She put a lot of hard work into it!

As for me I am doing laundry ,dishes,cleaning up after sick kiddo who has whooping chough (you know sounding like a seal), But we are also off to see....

That's pretty much it and reading...I managed to read three books in 2 days. WOW amazed I am still able to do thought I thought for sure my brain was mush by now!

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