Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Designers

OK I get looking good and wanting to look good. I get giving woman a woman confidence beyond what she might be capable of.What I don't get THE 200 DOLLAR PRICE TAG TO GO WITH IT! I mean really what the hell? I know the 14 inches of fabric you used to cover my nether regions couldn't have cost at the most 10 dollars a yard , and even good thread might cost 3 bucks. Please explain the insanity. And while I am at it why do your sizes only go up to an 8? Have you not heard the average womans dress size is a 14? Other then Hollywood starlettes who can afford to buy this crap? I mean eating or $300 jimmy choos? Shoes that are gonna ruin our feet and make us break our ankle. And if I were to ever meet the man who invented stillettos in a dark alley I am gonna sic cousin Guido on him. I know it will never change there are women who will continue to pay the price for the name. I am related to one. But as a mom to 2 pre teens and a teen on a military budget speaking for other moms in our situation. I had to let it out!
Frustrated beyond belief,


That blog is courtesy of SITS where we had an open letter writing day. There's my beef.
For all twillight fans out there enjoy the background!

thankful 30
for today is music. There is nothing like hearing a favorite song or a certain type of music that makes you feel incredible! If your life were a playlist what would it be?
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