Thursday, February 28, 2013


My blog title is in honor of my husband. See this has become a big thing in our house of  late.
Go back a couple weeks to this sudden urge of mine to re read the Harry Potter books. My husband remembered the girls got him the first 2 books to this series for Father's day. In the last 2 weeks all we have done is read. It has been amazing. I miss this about my husband. So he has been on and on about how I needed to finish Harry Potter and read Game of thrones. I have and I am. But now season 2 is out on amazon. Now we have to divide our time. 2 episodes of the TV show and then reading before bed.  The show is a bit risqué so use your own judgement . I highly recommend the books though. WOW!


Queenie Jeannie said...

LOVE this show!! One of my faves!

Denice said...

Risque?!! I'm all for it then, lol. Have you seen American Horror Story....yowza!
Enjoy the series of books and DVD's!

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