Monday, March 11, 2013

ECCC Day 1

Let's face it you thought I disappeared again didn't you? Nope ,just had one heck of a busy weekend last weekend and I had to have some recovery time ,work, then family time, and trying to catch up on Game of Thrones books. Le SIGH 
  So I bet you are wondering what ECCC stands for? Emerald City Comic Con ! That's right my family and I got our geek on last weekend. It was 3 days of blurry, stand in long lines, Check out the cosplay goodness. 

Day 1 ~ my brother flew in all the way from Virginia to attend with us.

 Since my husband had to work Friday I figured why not make it the girls day? As they cut the tape to let us all stampede onto the floor the girls and I headed right down to the gaming floor to meet Will Wheaton.  As we were standing in line the other celebrity my oldest daughter wanted to meet decided to do an early signing, it wasn't scheduled so my daughter got to be first in line to meet Felicia Day!
She was so sweet and had no problem posing for pictures at her table. 

Now we are still first in line to see Mr. Wheaton at 2:30 at this point. This is where my day gets ummm bad? I was trying to explain to the minion *(helpers at the con) that I had 2 daughters and that one would over pay her and the other would under pay her and it would equal out. She didn't seem to grasp the concept. So Mr. Wheaton interjects and I am annoyed at this point and tell him not you just keep doing what you're doing. I got the look telling me I just ticked him off.  OOPS! Sincerest apologizes Mr. Wheaton. I didn't keep my head LOL. 
The girls and I then race upstairs to meet my youngest daughters reason for going the voice actors in Invader Zim!  We visited Rikki Simmons , the voice of Gir, first.. (you can see him in the background of the picture) But Richard Horvitz stole my heart! Not only is Zim's voice the guy's real sounding voice, (which was just hilarious to me. I could have sat there all day just listening to him talk.) he also did the voices of Alpha 5 of the original power rangers ( got that for the boy ) and of Billy of The Grimm adventures of Billy and Mandy. ( Incidentally, the voice actress who did Mandy was one of my husbands reason for going)  
Mr. Horovitz was also kind enough to allow me to take his picture at the table. He is doing his I AM ZZZZIIIIIMMMM pose! Love that man.

Husband did get a chance to join us to walk the floor a bit so he walked by this booth and just had to have a picture...

And this little treasure did not make it home with me but I loved it! So glad I got the picture. 
That's pretty much day one. It was exhausting but ohh so much fun!

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