Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guadalupe River

About an hour away from here lies the river. It is no more then like knee deep on me at 5 foot 4 inches so it's more like a stream. The currents are so strong however that you can take tubes and float down the river. We met up with my aunt and uncle who live in San Antonio. ( In fact it is my Auntie Diane whom I think of every time I hear Guantanamera. See that post here.) Had a alot of food and good times!

I used an out dated scrap line no longer in production called Love, Elsie for all the embellishments. If you have never shopped in the store Tuesday Morning you are missing out. I was informed of this by Jediflame (with that name how can I not love her?) on her blog here. Then auntie Diane informed me about it so I scoped out a local one I didn't know we had. I got a bundle witch included the chipboard frame, stickers, and alphastickers all for 3.99! These things retailed for that a piece when they were new. It was a steal and I will confess I love Elsie! She's younger then I am and I want to be her if I ever go up! Check out her blog here.
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