Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Famous whales

On Kyla's Birthday ,while in San Antonio, we spent the day at Sea World. Again one of those things my kids love to do. They can spend hours just looking at animals. One of the kids is going to wind up a vet I tell you. Or maybe my dream job Marine Biologist. Anyway, you know how it goes you take a trip and get a bazillion pictures! Here's a few my favorites...Page one is random shoots through out the day I loved...
Pg 2 is the Believe show featuring Shamu. It saddened me to see the trainers outside the water due to the accident of the trainer just a few months before at a Sea World. I mean I get its safety for them, but that was what made me want to become a marine biologist, seeing the trainers in the water with the animals training and being fantastic with such amazing creatures.
I am happy my baby girl got to go play there for her birthday. I hope it is one she will remember for a long time!

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