Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just for Jeannie Birthday Recap & a surprise

You like how I snuck that in huh ,Jeannie? LOL Seriously she cracks me up people. She is always so excited to see what goodies my family gives me for any occasion and it makes me excited all over again. So here's the loot....I love Gwen Stephani's L.A.M.B. clothing line but alas, not available in my size! Maybe that should be a weight loss goal? When I lose so many pounds treat my self to a shirt and skinny jeans? HMMMM need to consider that. Back on task though. I love her Harajuku lovers purses. I finally got my coveted purse from my hubby for my birthday! That rocked!

My oldest daughter gets my ER obsession and happily added it to my collection. Only the last and final season to go.

My youngest daughter got me the most awesome wallet EVER! Seriously it is a mini purse. It holds everything I need and then some! I only have to carry a purse if I want to!

My parents paid for my trip to complaints there. My son FORGOT so I told him he's disowned LOL just kidding. I had to give him a hard time though.

Then when I got back on the computer I had this waiting for me...

and not just from one person but 2. Wendy from Wendy's crafting Times and Karen from over at Krafty Karen's Blogspot. This is a wonderful birthday surprise I was not expecting! I hope to do it honor!

Now as part of the award I must tell you why I started blogging and pass it on. I am supposed to pass it to 10 people but I don't think I have that many to pass it to so I will do what I can.

I started blogging back in April of 2007 to keep family updated during my husbands deployment. I was random and had no direction. I then decided to turn it into a craft blog but it's still evolving.
I don't have many followers or comments and I think the main reason I keep doing it is that the few I do have are insistent I keep it up! My fierce followers I call them. Here are just a few Wendy is definitely one of them but I don't think I can pass it back. It is truly given in spirit though.

Jeannie- Not only has she surpassed me in paper crafting she is a hoot and a great friend. Check her out here.

Bridgett- She is truly a big huge supporter and a great friend. She inspires me in so many ways! Life is crazy for her right now but you can check her out here.

LOl see I only can pass this on to 2 people. I seriously need to go out there and make new bloggy friends. I need to overcome my shyness.

P.S. Jeannie I can hear you laughing at that statement all the way across the ocean!
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