Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finish it Friday

Did I mention I had only 100 pages to do to be completely caught up with all the pictures I have of my family in scrapbooks up to 2010?

I need to find a ticker that would allow me to count down my pages. I am on fire and seeing that number makes me just giddy!

So here is the next in line for Kyla's album.

I have noticed I am using more off colors with greens for St. Patty's layouts and I like it! I also like that I was able to complete this with stuff I had in my room and not have to go buy anything.
I am however looking forward to the day I can hit Archiver's or Joann's again.

I struck it big last week with my friend Kim's new husband finally was relesed from his lease at his apt. and they had to sell stuff. I now have a new solid table in my room which I have been needing because the party table I was using was too flimsy when I stamped. This of course caused a rearrange. Here's what my room looks like now.and what it looked like before...
And I am also thinking though that I need to find a brand of cardstock and stick with it and learn its colors that way I always know what I have on hand. I have a small pile of cardstock and I am running out of the colors I actually will use. Time to just purge and start with a clean slate. But what do I go with Bazzill? SU? American Crafts? What are your thoughts?

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