Monday, April 12, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday

If you are a new follower to my blog THANK YOU and welcome !

I appreciate the input on what to improve on my blog and if you ever have anymore or just have a question please let me know.

Every Tuesday I pick a tune that has something to do with my life. You can see the explanation here.

Today's tune is going old school. I am proud (and horrified) to say that when it came to my friends ,I discovered this group! I remember watching Nickelodeon and watching them perform. I fell in LOVE! It was like cotton candy melting in your mouth, like cheese to the macaroni, it was like the cherries in the limeade PEOPLE! They could sing ,dance ,and were cute to boot.

Now I was living in Las Vegas at the time & I looked everywhere for that album. My older brother knew all the cool underground record stores and LOW AND BEHOLD I FOUND IT THERE FOR $4.00. ON VINYL! ( In fact I think I still have it at my moms.) After that I drove my family nuts for years with their music. I had every inch of my room covered in their pictures even the furniture. It was such big news in my family when they got back together that I even got offers to buy me tickets to go see them in concert! I guess I made an impression on my family even if they didn't like it. {giggle}

SO without further ado I give you this weeks selection....


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