Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something New... share today on Finish it Friday.

A friend of mine took me down to Saledo to a really cheap bead store because she is really into making jewelry. Now my youngest daughter is the one interested in making jewelry. She has been buying the beads and making her own things and even sent a necklace to her Grandma in Montana. Now you moms know ,who are the kids going to turn to when they have a question about something they are doing? YOU! So I figure I better learn how to at least start.
As I was walking into this store feeling all kinds of nerves , I told myself how bad can it be? I enter .... and my jaw dropped. It was like starting to scrapbook again. TOTALLY overwhelming enough for me to take a step back and go WHOA!
I decided to start small and bought some peace sign beads and natural seed beads to go with it.
I came home and proceeded to make 4 bracelets.

I loved it. This may be something that Kyla and I can do together. What do you think?
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