Sunday, April 25, 2010

52 Blessings-17

Life rarely asks you what it is you want, so even though I had a rough week I found a blessing in it. That blessing is humor. If I had not had the ability to laugh at myself this week , my family would have suffered more then normal having mom out of sorts. I am glad my husband has the humor to laugh at me as well because I have done some pretty goofy things this week, thanks to meds. And if I didn't see humor in it, Jeannie I would be mad at itchy blotchy boobs from something I took! (She will understand the boob thing.) Chris said I was diseased. See ,he's funny. (insert eye roll here) So here is hoping this next week finds you blessed. And in case you are wondering what is up with that picture, I chose it because
  1. I am laughing
  2. because Micheal Myers scares me to death and so it is my way of poking fun at an irrational fear.

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