Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's in your ..purse?

I have done this before but thought it was time to revisit it, because on Stacy Jullian's blog
she states that there is a photographer named Jason Travis who is actually documenting people and what they carry with them. LOL Who knew we were trendy people? You can see his persona project here.
So today I am sharing my picture diptych of what's in my purse and a photo of me taken this morning. No makeup, no hair straightener, allergy ridden I -can't- talk -because- my -throat - is - so - sore- from- drainage glory!

If the picture isn't big enough I hope you can click it to make it larger.

So what does my purse say about me....well I have to say first I notice a sad lack of comb or brush. All I can say about that is my hair is my hair ,and even if I spend hours getting it perfect, if its humid outside its over. No amount of brushing will fix it.
I also notice that its very military. I have to carry a lot of things with me to prove I am a dependent and that give me special permissions! (Yup you read that right permissions.)
Coupons to some of our favorite shopping places. I always have them in my purse ready to go so that I can save even bigger money at the registers. If you have ever seen a military paycheck you know why this is important.
Notepads because my kids are always asking to draw, or I need to write something down for scrapbooking later.
I think my favorite are the pens though. I have one purple for when I am feeling fun and colorful. I have a pretty sunflower pen I made that is black so when I am filling out forms and checks I can at least look at something pretty. Then a standard pen. I carry that for when my manly man asks for a pen and I don't have to hear flowers? Get me a real pen. {snicker}
So what's in your purse and what does it say about your persona? Leave me a link to your persona in my comments I would love to see it!

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