Saturday, May 16, 2009

Card Challenge Sunday

I managed a lot of challenges this week. I was so sleep deprived but I can honestly say I like all the cards I did with the exception of mojo monday. I don't HATE it, but there is something to be desired on it. So lets get started Here's mojo monday sketch.... And here is the card I made to go with it. My family are die hard Texans (true texans born and raised LOL) SO I bought this for the express purpose of using it for my dad. It's not perfect but I know he's gonna love it. Then for Kerry's 3 clover challenge it was flowers, stamped, real ,paper ,just flowers. LOL I know its an unusual card but I have a daughter who loves this set, and I love rockabilly stuff even if I can't pull it off. I got a kick out of this card though. The next two cards serve as double and even triple duty. See I was in a stamped image swap with a twist in my Sparkpeople group stamp to lose. You send in 10 stamped images and 10 6x6 pieces of paper and then see what you can make. So the next two cards are made using 2 of those. Challenge 1.
This sketch isn't really a challenge but I used it because the paper, the image ,and everything just felt right for it. I got it from Bridgett's angel sister's blog. So this is challenge 2 for this one. Here is my card. The picture does not do it justice. The Pattern Paper is simmery like silk and the polka dots feel like velvet. I was so in love with that paper.
OK here is Challenge 2 for the next card . My SBS Group challenge was to do a thinking of you card. Challenge 3 for this card is a sketch done by my fellow sister Wendy. She has been putting up sketches for a long time and I always say I am gonna do it but never get to it. So this week I pulled it off. Here is the sketch... Here is my card.....

Can you believe I pulled all these off in one night in a matter of a few hours? Everything was just flowing for me. I hope you liked them and Have a stellar week!

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