Monday, February 16, 2009

Tagged again

This time with a purse tag by my dearfriend Jeannie! LOL see I told her she was so organized for what she carried in her purse and that mine was frightening. I never know if I'll get attacked poked or stick my hand into something I'd rather not know about. She said hold up you commented you are tagged. LOL ok fine but I warned you. So here is the purse I am currently carrying, a fossil mini backpack my hubby got me for Christmas in 06. (I am one of those people who use everything till it can not be used any more!) I change when I get bored. And here are the contents as of this morning gum, receipts from the movie yesterday, my debit ,military id , and my hollywood video card were all in the back pocket.
In one of the main pockets is my wallet another gift from hubby for my birthday, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and my mini notebook.
the other main pocket carries my calculator, my keys ,pens and pencils, (moms you know for those days the kids ask for something to draw with) a highlighter (?), lipstick case ,a floating lipstick , ipod (for trips to the gym or commissary when I don't want to hear the sucky music they play there) inside the little pockets (on the inside )I had my eye prescriptions ,chapsticks ,a list of things that happened in the 80s for future scrap project, and lotion.
Then in that very front pocket I had hydrcortizone cream (my kids always complain they have itchy bug bites when I couldn't do anything about it so I started to carry it and ear drops for the same reason.

So there you go loaded and ready to go.

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