Saturday, February 14, 2009

SBS 24 Challenge #20 - food theme

Now why in the world do I not have food theme stamps? Other then standard birthday cupcakes and cakes I have not a single food stamp. Maybe because of my horrible addiction to it & I don't want it invading my every waking thought?
LOL like scrapbooking and crafting. I had a dream about adhesives people!!!! Obsess much? So Cherries it is.
My neighbor across the street has been super awesome about taking my kids to school on the mornings it is cold when she takes her kids. We have one car and hubby has it at PT at school departure time. So here is a thank you card for her. I would also like to give her a gift of some sort but I am not so sure what it should be any suggestions? I barely know her. HELP HELP HELP!

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