Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas fun

Contrary to most people's beliefs I have not fallen off the planet. Just having one of those ebbs where the thought of being on the computer makes me wince. I am still on edge and just not in the mood to do a darn thing. Maybe a small bout of depression? ( I have suffered with it since 14 in varying degrees)

Side note I took a blood test on Fri they said I would have the results on that afternoon ,when I called right before closing the lab tech told me to could be 10 days due to my insurance because they had to send it out!
Anyway I have actually been doing some fun christmas stuff! So I thought I would share that today! Here are my kids at my hubby's unit Christmas party. I have a ton of pics from it just not alot of me and the familia because I was designated photographer as someone forgot thier camera. I love the first picture here because this is the first time in years we were able to get my youngest daughter on Santas lap. She is terrified of him because unlike most kids she knows she's a sassy girl and well if Santa knows she's bad why would she want to get a lecture? Or be told she is gonna get coal? So she plays it safe and will not go near Santa. I later found out that hubby told her it was a Santa helper and that's the only reason she agreed to see him.
Here we are doing gingerbread stuff. This is something new this year. We have never done gingerbread anythng so we bought some kits and the kids had a blast. I think I was waiting till they were old enough to do alot of it themselves to enjoy the process.Hubby and Kyla working on a train. WHOO WHOO!
Michelle and I putting up Santa's sleigh.
Finished products

No one wanted to pose with the train. Only Michelle thinks she is Vanna White!
And I bet you are wondering what the heck is going on with that giveaway? Well Hubby has been having to do a range and we are a one car family. When his schedule goes wacky all our schedules go wacky. I have not been able to pick up said fun items and I can only hope they are still available. Maybe if he gets home on time today I can head out!

merry christmas
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