Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'M Late I'm late!

Not for a very impotant date just posting a blog. See when i do take time to do my chores and stuff I don't have anytime to blog! Evil housework. Anyway I have not been crafting surprise surprise so I thought I would share some happy mail!

Right before I moved from El Paso I got my dearest friend Cynthia into scrapbooking and cardmaking. Well I sent her fun pretty stuff to play with for her birthday so she made me a card! Totally made my day!isn't it cute? I would love to tell you guys to visit her blog but she doesn't have one. So leave some love in my comments and i will have her husband tie her to a chair and read them. LOL Love you Cyn!

Thankful 30

today is for beauty. Have you really stopped here lately and admired God's handy work? It seems like lately everytime I go to pick up my girls from school I am surrounded and followed by butterflies. It really makes me stop and think about what God is trying to whisper to me. So I take the time to notice flowers and things I may otherwise pass by. Its truly a blessing and lesson in beauty!

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