Thursday, November 13, 2008

BAD BLOGGER (and blog candy links)

I have been so excited about my son coming that I have not posted my thankful 30 in the last 2 days . But I think I sorta did on the 11th. I was thankful to all veteran's for giving me my freedoms! I just didn't say it like that really. Cover Up So there is my thankful 30 for the 11th.
For yesterday I was truly thankful to have my son here. It is nice to be able to see him everyday and talk to him (even if he does look like a hippy, I am not used to him with long hair.)
Today I am thankful for the fact I have a home. In such tough times it is hard to live paycheck to paycheck barely getting by. I do get down about the fact yes I can not shop and buy and be a good citizen to help the economy Sunshine, but I tell myself you know what stop acting like a baby. You have everything you need and are so much better off then a lot of people and if it gets to bad you have family ( and even an ex husband) who are willing and able to help, that is somethingto be truly thankful for!

Ps I am also truly thankful for my winning streak here lately. I am the lucky winner of some more blog candy from Andrea at My Chihuahua Bites!

PPS More links to some blog candy My pal Bridgett found! Dang she's good!

Deena -Creative card candy
Janet-pink gem designs
cathy - Ellieskeepers creations

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