Friday, November 14, 2008

Thankful 30 ,Blog awards, and another blog

Today's Thankful 30 is going out to our postal service. Weird? I have started my holiday shopping and I have seen a lot of my mailman here lately. That got me thinking without all their hard work we would not get fun stuff, our coveted cards (even though I am so very late on getting a few sisters birthday cards out! Sorry guys!) , and happy mail. Yes stuff does go missing in their world but lets face it more often then not they come through! So a shout out to you my postal workers I apprecite all you do!
On to awards this first one I received from my loverly friend Amber

The rules for the Encouraged Blogger Award are:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

My Nominees:
1. Alicia She is very real and honset about her struggles to concieve and have a family& she's a hoot .

2. Shiloah She is a friend of mine from Germany who has 7 kids (yes 7) runs a successful web site and just seems to have time for everything. She is super cool.

3. Andrea She is just an awesome person who does a little bit of everything and will tell it like it is. My kind of person!

4. Karilee I know Karilee from a group I am in on Sparkpeople a free weight loss website that totally rocks. Not only does she encourage me because she has lost over 50 pounds using spark she is uber talented and totally rocks!

5. Pam Another Spark girl, who just has a lot on her plate to deal with and deserves it. I look up to her.

This one is up for grabs over at Scrap Bitz. I had to do some digging for the rules and here they are
List 6 things you value six you don't and six receivers.
So as follows
1.I value my Faith.
Jesus Fish
It gets me through the toughest of things. Without the Lord in my life blessing me everyday and giving me the courage to get through the deepest of trials I would not be here today.

2. Of course my family, hubby rocks for all he does (and lack there of sometimes) and I really can not complain aabout my kids. They are kids of course but all and all I think I got some good ones!

3. My parents Mom Dad without all that character building I would not be who I am today.

4. my friends Best Friends 1 I will leave that one alone as I have said so much about them.

5. my education Studying without it I could not spell, read or, write this blog or anything else for that matter.

6. my life I try to see the good in it everyday. Even when things do not go my way!

Things i do not value

1. People who can not see the joy in life. When you have everything you need ,There is so much in this life to be thankful for that complaining is just wasted energy. I mean we all complain and have bad days , but on a daily basis is a bit much.

2. creepy crawlies Spider 4 I am just not a bug person.

3. when my husband tells me he will do something (dishes, car, trash whatever) and it doesn't get done and I wind up doing it myself and I hear I was gonna do that! Grrr

4. warm drinks that were not meant to be warm. Soda is is huge one for me!

5. Packaging on kids toys. Why does it have to have so many twisty ties and rubber bands that the kid has to wait 20 min just to play with it!?

Ok so my six receivers are
1 Amber
2 Bridgett
3 Denise
4 Jeannie
5 Chrissy
6 Ed
Enjoy ladies!

Lastly I have not been crafting as kiddo is here, but I participated in a christmas card swap and forgot to take pics. Well Bridgett ,lovely person that she is , added pics of my cards that I did so drop on over and take a gander! Leave her a comment and let her know how cute hers are too!

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