Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Depression Sucks

The death of  one of the greatest actors comedians ever, Mr. Robin Williams, shook me to my core yesterday. When I read it was suicide I died a little inside. When I read it was caused by depression it took everything in me not to start bawling in the movie theater.  I was reading a lot of we had no idea, or  he had so much to live for.  Depression can affect anyone , at any time , at any age, and is a silent killer as we now know.  One quote I always see from him everywhere is
now I am not saying his family didn't love him. I am not saying he didn't love them. I am not even hinting they had marital issues. What I am saying is maybe they didn't get it. I have a husband who loves me endlessly but he doesn't get my depression and that feeling that you are all alone in world is quite overwhelming.
      In HIS head there was no escape but death. He was loved by many in this world but in his head it may have seemed superficial. Why didn't he get help then? many may ask. As a celebrity every move, every stint in rehab, every drs. visit is scrutinized under the public eye. Maybe he didn't want to hear the judgement and remarks people make concerning depression on just a normal daily basis. I myself have heard several and let me tell you it keeps me from talking about it.
  I got help. Through medication I have stabilized. Through a year and a half of therapy I am making strides in my way of thinking. I have a long way to go and I still have moments when I am depressed but it isn't hopeless anymore. I wish he was given that chance. Respect his families wish for privacy they now have to deal with the aftermath. I am sure he is now asking God what the deal is with the platypus and seeing in Heaven how much he truly was loved and will be missed. To quote OPM
" Don't be ashamed of who are and how you died, I know you just wanted to find the brighter side."
Thanks For the laughs Mr. Williams. You will stay with us forever and I will not say good bye. I will say save a spot for me in the audience.

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