Thursday, May 22, 2014

Time for a break up

with Facebook. I love that social media gives us the opportunity to stay in close contact with loved ones. I love that people are doing such awesome things. I am finding for me though it was becoming a time suck. It sucked me in even when I should be enjoying my life. I would say I didn't have time to do things I loved , like coloring , pinning, blogging, crafting or just spending time with my family. I made the decision yesterday to limit my time to once a week on there with the goal of doing it once a month. I doubt that will happen as there are a few groups I am on in there that I am not quite ready to give up on yet. I think it was also a key point to my depression. I found my self comparing my life to others. I found I was turning into a voyeurism junkie. It was almost disturbing how much stalking I was doing. LOL TMI I know. Day 1 with no Facebook trolling I found I got my cleaning done, read and commented on blogs I have not visited in forever, am writing a blog post and still have time to craft or color BEFORE work. Yes I think this break up is gonna be the best thing ever!

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