Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mom's New York Album

Give me strength I am about to post a whole lotta pictures here. LOL  This was the first time I attempted the project life type style scrapping because I just wanted to make my mom something special but easy and fast. I can't say I will stick with it, but it was fun to try. So here we go...
 Us arriving in New York and dinner with my son and my ex. ( yes I was married before, but we are still good friends.)
 Times square ( sorry some of these are blurry, user error. thank You Cynthia for helping me see that.)

 LOL Mom and her Cowboys colored m&ms from the World
 Empire state building...

 The place my brother and son wanted us to try. My brother has a crush on a waitress there and loves the alligator sausage, my son goes for the humor of watching his uncle hit on the waitress.
 Lunch on wall street
 Ground Zero

 Central Park

 Subway fun
 Seeing wicked...OMG a must see want to see it AGAIN when it comes back to Seattle.
 Phantom of the opera.
 Mom just had to get macaroons from this bakery
 More eating
 out and about in NY

 Yes we just had to go in....


There is no journaling because it was Mom's trip. I want her to put in her own version of how her trip went. the only thing I journaled was seeing Cris Angel in Times Square. LOL I am pretty sure my mom would be like what the heck is he doing in that picture?  As far as I know she loved the album and I am so glad she did.
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