Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stay on Target...Stay on Target

300 points if you get the reference. I have gone back to work first so even though I technically still had a week off because I wasn't scheduled I have worked normal hours this week, Then I had another amazing revelation in my super control freak personality. I realized why I suck at keeping up with blogging. I get obsessed with whatever I am doing at the time.First I have been obsessed with doing a years worth swaps for a group I joined and a half a years worth for a second group. Group 1 has group swaps so I had to make 10 of each card for them theme. I also joined a secret sister swap in that one. Group 2 is only one of each theme but there are several a month to sign up for. That's a lot of cards I will be sharing in the coming weeks. 

   Second Obsession, my mother's New York album. I needed to get it completed and I still have yet to mail it. I will also be sharing that (debating sharing it before or after I mail it. I mean it's only fair mom sees it first right?).

Third Obsession was to finish the quilt for Cynthia. I had the top finished but I had to get backing, then quilt it , then bind it to get the finished product to look like this...

So in the next couple weeks I will be sharing all those cards and mom's album (maybe) and maybe I will have some sort of other stuff to share later, now that the to do list (obsessions) have subsided.

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