Monday, February 10, 2014

I am trying something new

I have been so bored the last few weeks, I started to watch youtube for some sort of inspiration. I found it in a sewing tutorial when my brain clicked of.... hey I have zippers I never did anything with.  Oh wait, I have a ton of fabric left from Cynthia's quilt....I can so do that. My zippered pouch came together quite easily and took about  an hour and a half to make two.  Kyla claimed this one ...

 Guess she wanted to have some place to keep some art supplies...or her make up brushes...or hair clips...or make up.... It's so universal that she just wanted it. The boy then decided hey I need one to hold my art stuff. So here is his...

I had intended to make one for Cynthia but sorry girlfriend the kiddos beat ya to it. 
I did break 2 needles in the process which is why I was afraid to work with zippers. but I think I am over it and I think I am gonna try sewing some other things in the near future.

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