Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I read therefore I live many lives

Back on the Second of January I shared my reading list for the year. I said I would check in and share how I was fairing.

  • The Star Wars Bounty Hunter Code . 
  • The Book Of Sith
  • Star Wars  Death Troopers
  • The Walking Dead the Fall of the Governor part2
  • a positive self talk book called Start my dear friend Desiree gave me.
  • A dance with dragons(games of thrones 5)
  • Alice in zombieland
  • Through the zombie glass
  • my camera manual

  • Well, I finished one book completely. I crossed out the A in A dance with dragons because I am reading that one but I am only 200 pages in...only 768 more to go. It's a long book. So, hopefully, when I check back in that one will be crossed off completely along with one or 2 more.

     I had found on amazon this book lovers journal to keep track of what you read, your thoughts on the book and a place to write what you want to read. I really wanted to buy it but I knew I wouldn't use all aspects of the book. I had several unused journals and decided to make my own. I used this awesome journal my friend Desiree gave me for my birthday! Love it Desiree!

    I only really wanted 4 things out of this. To keep track of what I read, a place to write what I want to read , and a section where I could write any books I lent to someone. and a small place to write a list of what I have of extensive sets or authors . ie, my Star Wars Saga, a in order list of James Patterson's  Alex Cross books, and my Achilles heel WHAT NICHOLAS SPARKS BOOKS I HAVE AND HAVE READ!  It's small enough to carry in my purse and I carry pens with me so I can easily write any notes I may need and cross off books as I read or buy them.  This is the beginning of a beautiful obsession.
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