Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sleep less, Read more

 I  wanted to share with you my reading list for 2014.  Maybe revisit this every month or so to see how I am measuring up. Right now it consists of all the books I received for Christmas. It is also mostly sci-fi.  I am up for suggestions on non fiction books as I feel I should really broaden the scope of my reading and learning curve. Without further adieu, my (partial) reading list for the year.

  1. The Star Wars Bounty Hunter Code . 
  2. The book of Sith
  3. Star Wars  Death Troopers
  4. The Walking Dead the Fall of the Governor part2
  5. a positive self talk book called Start my dear friend Desiree gave me.
  6. A dance with dragons(games of thrones 5)
  7. Alice in zombieland
  8. Through the zombie glass
  9. my camera manual
I am looking forward to learning how to use my camera properly. Apparently I am also in training to know everything about the Star Wars universe. What do you suggest I add to my list? What is your favorite genre to read? Leave your comments BELOOOW~
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