Monday, January 6, 2014

Another year to put things in order..

I had an original post about putting a family binder together here. I have found it surprisingly helpful except in the Christmas season when everything in my life revolves around work , sleep and trying to get the holidays in order. Ironically, I started my binder with the calendar from Organized Christmas. But I wanted something that had holidays and daylight savings time already in it. Since then, I have been on the hunt for cute, functional free printables for my binder and I believe I just found the calender for the year...

I love everything about it . Its cute plenty of room to write notes. There is even a weekly view you can add to the monthly calendar, for you uber busy types out there (IE Cynthia). You can find all the free , yes free, printables here.  I am also including links to where I got my other printables. My dates to remember, last years calendar and password log I got here from DIY home sweet home and my contact and bill info I got here from The Good Wife. Have you started a home binder yet? If you have, have you found stylish free printables you love? Leave a link and comment below I would love to have a sneak peek at what everyone has.and does it work for you?


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