Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I love a know it all

No not a real know it all but this one ....
I had been toying with the idea of a home binder for a long ,long time now.  Since I stumbled across the web site Organized Christmas in fact. I always had an excuse to put it off , but now that we own a home (and the fact that I am home bound) I couldn't come up with a reason not to do it.  So some research, A LOT of  paper gathering  and some head scratching later I decided on 5 main sections for my binder.

The very first page in my binder is the all important emergency info. 
I know it seems weird with teens and adults in the house but in an emergency you never know if you'll be calm enough to remember the simple everyday stuff...including your own phone number.

The first section is home management...
 This includes a master calender  for all our appointments and schedules, a cleaning schedule, and a birthdays and anniversary list.

Number 2 is important phone numbers...
 This section includes all of the necessary everyday phone numbers to utilities, cable etc,local repair men  and as morbid as it sounds all the people I would want notified in the event of an emergency.  I also included card holders to hold extra business cards in case anyone should be in need of one.
 Third is family. There are sub-dividers in that section for each family member . I wish I had done this earlier with my kids in elementary school to corral all the schedules and school papers. Happy now though because I have one starting high school and I know the amount of paper work that will be involved there. I also have a second family binder I made with all the important papers in there(birth cert., religious cert. etc) to be kept in a separate areas so hubs can find them just as easily as me.

 Number 4 is finances.  My dividers have pockets so I labeled the pockets so I could separate my bills by which payday they need to be paid.
This also includes my notebook I keep our budget in and a  master to do list.  This is a list that has every home improvement project we can come up with. 

Lastly we have health and fitness. I have put our insurance cards and our new tricare dental booklet in there for the time being. 

I am sure that over time this binder will be torn apart, added to and overhauled as time and family changes. 
I have seen binders that have many more sections. These were the ones that I felt needed most improvement in our household so started with them.

I am so excited to put it into practice and I may even do an update at the end of the next school year and let you guys know if it was worth the time and effort and put to good use.

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