Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I really should listen to my kids more.

I seem to have passed my love of libraries on to my girls. On our last trip there K , my 13 year old, pulled out a book she had recently read entitled 20 years later. All she stated was mom you would like this book. Really. Check it out. 


So she was wandering next to me and knowing mom's therapy Doc wanted to met her , she jokingly pulled out the second book and said ya mom.  You know how we just drive you wild, maybe it has some advice. Walks away giggling hysterically, so I think ok why not, weirdo?
I will be honest, I was being a smart butt and humoring her. In fact ,its almost 3 weeks later and almost return time. Yesterday instead of crafting and doing what I wanted I humored her further and started reading Book 1.  Wow amazing! If you like Hunger Games you'd probably like it as well. Post apocalyptic London involving survival by gangs, unlikely friendships, and plot twists. Well one was predictable but that was forgivable.  I would love to know if the author plans a sequel. The ending makes it seem like she does but I can not find info on it. Only took me 6 hours to read that book including making dinner time.
The second book I will say she had no idea she was handing me an arsenal of ideas that 1) either backed up what Doc said and recommended or 2) made sense. It holds up a mirror to you and says some things are normal, some things are put on them via society , and some are results of our human faults as parents. AND THAT THE LAST ONE IS OK! It even breaks things down via problem. It was humorous as I think only parents will find funny.( K was rolling eyeballs at stuff I found funny.) If you are parents to teens I recommend it not because your kids are crazy but because it makes you evaluate your parenting and helps open discussions.
Example, K has a friend that is mostly homeschooled but had to go to public school for a few courses, which is how they met. I won't lie we thought weird one (you just know she is being bullied for her beliefs and style of dress) but overall a great kid and we loved her. She has made us laugh and we love her sense of humor. We don't see friend often because parents decided to put her in a different school. It has been almost 4 months since we last invited her over and we were informed her name was legally changed to what she always wanted it to be. Not an issue, but we drove them to a public teen activity and after they exited the car and headed in she asked K to introduce her as him. I did not know this so after staying overnight and going to friends house K found out her friend also legally changed  gender. The book actually touched on that and I was able to discuss K's feelings about it. It wasn't weird or awkward and it's nice to know boy or girl K sees the person inside and likes them. That was one parenting affirming moment let me tell you. We then had a very nice evening just talking. Those of you that know K know that is not always an easy task.
In short, ok ok not so short if you are still reading, I recommend both books. Even if you don't have teens yet, the book will kind of show you what you may be in store for. Also, it makes me feel better knowing that yes my kids may find Dexter the TV show funny, but it doesn't mean they are planning my demise and how to get away with it.
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