Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Mail

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful cyber friends for some much needed happy mail lately. They are absolutely amazing ladies and I am touched to know they care so much.
The first 2 pictures here are from Jeanne Kupsh @ Jeannie's Happy World . If you have never checked out her blog you really should she is hilarious and creates such wonderful pieces of art!
My camera did not so these justice the first card just sparkles with beautiful fall colors and I love fall.
 The edge of this butterflys wings has blue glitter and the body has such pretty shade of blue beads. I wish t be at the beach looking at this.

This Package is from the one and only Bridget Owens @  Hoosier Card Angel's Creations. 
 She is one of the most spiritual people I know and truly reflects a bible taught way of living. She asked if she could send me some books and I can not wait to read these. I also had some Star Wars gummies in there but The Hubs ran off with them. PUNK!

Last but not least is this absolutely adorable fun package from my friend Desiree Rodcay. When I lived with her in Texas I made mention of my obsession/ love of aprons but I never buy them. She has been so spectacular in keeping me in aprons. I believe this makes 4. I think the funniest would be if I could get Chris to wear this while grilling on the 4th!
Ladies you guys have made me smile knowing I am in your thoughts right now. I have been awful about staying in touch but please know it is not intentional. I will get it together soon! Love you all! 
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