Friday, May 10, 2013

This post is brought to you today by...

the lovely, beautiful Bridgett Owens. She has invited me to take part of her weekly Friday Finale post where each Friday she will have a Friday Finale project that she has finished and ready to share with all of you.  To see her wonderful creation click here.
So by now I am sure you have all heard about this little website called Pinterest right? If not well you are missing out. I am actually behind the times because I do not have a follow me button on my blog. But I digress. Bridgett and I were chatting late, late Wednesday night when she asked me to join up. I thought what can I whip up in a day? It dawned on me I wanted to replicate this pin for awhile now. 
A trip to dollar tree for supplies ( minus the jars which I had at home) and here is my version.

I opted for my favorite color instead of blue (well ok not by choice Dollar Tree didn't have blue flowers or stones.)but I love how they turned out. Thanks to Bridgett for inspiring me to have a goal to strive for this week. 
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