Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nope not lost yet

You know that saying Thumper mutters to his mom under his breath know the one all moms use to get the kids to be nice? If you can't say nothing nice, don't say anything at all? Well that's kind of where I am. Little things here and there set me off and I still don't have meds yet ( Thanks mental health). I am trying to stay positive and upbeat but some days are so much harder then others. I am doing what I can to try and improve my mood other then crafting ( as evidence allows). 
  This has been trying to eat better, exercise does help for about an hour after I am done, trying to get a small goal everyday done( on work days its just to stay busy) and trying not to sink into my couch to watch tv all dang day. On the bright side I am not in a ball of tears EVERYDAY. I really need to get back into reading blogs and commenting but I have no motivation for that yet. I did however add some social media buttons to my blog! I feel like I am part of the 21st century now! Take that Ha ha!
I am questioning the need for my provider right now. She asks me every appointment how I am and how the week went other then that no direction. I am not saying I will not go, just saying  this is not helping me open myself up any.  So bare with me a bit longer, I may actually attempt to do something in the next few days  (well not tomorrow I have a long split shift in front of me at work). Ohh and I did accomplish another Friday finale project! I just need to get photos and blog and get with Bridgett on that!
So till I catch you back here on the same bat channel...Hang tight!
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