Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Leaving the city behind.

Last weekend the temps outside hit an astounding 84 degrees. That is normal for the state of Washington...in August maybe so everyone seemed to leave the cities behind and hit nature.  We opted to go see the inland glacier that is MT. Rainier.  Our first pit stop was a small information stop with an Inn and souvenir shop and I just loved these old time gas pumps.  

Our 2nd stop was to see a waterfall. Something really fantastic about waterfalls to me so here is the view from the top..

the first drop went under the bridge of snow and then flowed   over another drop

We then just decided lets go see it from the bottom...
See where the trees at the top stop? That's  where we were ..we hiked down to see the bottom in snow! Felt pretty accomplished with a bad knee... ok I went half way because the second half was way too steep with the knee and ice. I would have caused serious damage. See? I do know when to stop Cynthia. LOL!

I was amazed at how much snow was still up there I mean look at that? My husband is 6'4" and look how tall it is!

See the rocks in this picture?

That's the wall at the top of the drift to prevent you from driving over a cliff.  So my daughter takes one step past the wall and get stuck waist deep in snow. I think my heart stopped.
The view was awesome from up there though.

This one  is just to show just how much snow was still up there. But seeing as it is a glacier I don't know why I was so amazed.

Lastly, this was a view from one of the hiking trails we went on.

All and all not a bad way to spend the day! 

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