Friday, May 24, 2013

And I think I am done,,,

So last week I had planned to share this for Bridget's Friday Finale post but work distracted me. I wanted to do it again this week and here I am 7 pm and I am just now posting. Work got in the way again but dang it I am posting this anyway. For my project this week I did some rearranging in my house. You know kind of a use what you got kind of deal. It benefitted me greatly!
I know I am sure you are thinking you are showing your room...AGAIN?!? It's all in the details though. The first picture shows what my room looked like after painting..
nothing on the walls LOL

In this one I got my small shelves framing the picture frame by the bed to hold my ummm Star Wars mini figures. I found a Japanese print of the Empire Strikes back for my wall. Then in the small strip of wall by my window I printed some really cool pics of Star Wars Japanese book covers. When you line up one front and one back they make an awesome picture. Ask my brother he saw em! and from there I hung my Comic Con badge.
So on to the rearranging part , Picture one here you are looking at the left of the picture see where the small brown shelf is and you can see the front of my stereo right?

Here is that corner now!
As you can see I took an extra bookcase from my house and moved it upstairs to house my new edition  tv/dvd player. My room also serves as a guest room so the top of the shelf holds an extra blanket  and the empty shelf I plan on getting a small shelf stand and having a basket of travel size extras that people sometimes forget as well as snacks for their nighttime pleasure. That will leave a space for guest towels. No More asking where the extra towels are. They will have them in the room with them!  You can also see where my Darth Vader autograph wound up and I need a frame for my Darth Maul one from Comic Con. (It's sitting pretty in the corner propped up by the wall on my Darth Vader Nutcracker.)  You can also see the addition of my Return of the Jedi poster!
The ONLY thing I MAY do is paint the bookshelf black so it matches the rest of the room.  Other then that unless I suddenly have the urge to decorate/ use all wall space, It is complete. Now I just need to create in there.
I am not sure if Bridgett is putting up a Friday post this week. Regardless she is awesome and deserves a link to anyway. Give her a visit and say hey to her for me here.
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