Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ECCC Day 3

Sunday was by far the most relaxing day. I had one more autograph I wanted Ray Park (Darth Maul in Star Wars) and after that we just walked around the floor for me to try and see some of the amazingly cool stuff that was there. I still didn't even get to see it all! Anyway, what is comic con without cosplay?  Admit it this is really what you wanted to see lol...
Since when is this uniform standard issue?

My daughter and Dr, Who..

some clown from Roz Zombies house of 1000 corpses ( never saw the movie)

I think this is Gears Of War , but I just thought they were cool

Harley Quinn

Wonder Woman and Electra ( Hubs says 20 years later maybe.)

Good ole Captain America

 Winter Boba Fett?

One of the best costumes a Predator

More Star Wars Fandom

Dead Pool and the Power rangers ( LOOK The red ranger is giving dead pool bunny ears)

Of course more Star Wars fandom
 Weeping angel from Dr. Who ( Don't Blink!)


More husband pics lol
We left early so my brother could see more of Seattle then the convention center and went to our favorite place. Pike Place Maket. However, I could not convince him to put a piece of gum on the gum wall. We did however ride in the Seattle Great Wheel on the pier.
It was a fabulous weekend and I got to spend time with the big brother which I don't get to do often. I can not wait to see who shows up next year!
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