Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eccc day 2

Day 2 started out very early and we were all really tired from Friday. if you have ever tried parking in a major city though you know why we started out early.  Once again we rushed up to the celebrity floor to get my oldest daughters birthday gift from her uncle...an autograph from Misha Collins of Supernatural fame. Then as I was rushed downstairs to get in another line I saw this walking toward me....
Absolute squeal of delight from me and a frantic here kyla hurry take a picture~

Then on my way to the escalator I saw HIM!!!!!! YES ! YES! YES!  
Now my brother is calling me to find out where the heck I am. He was holding me a spot in line for my favorite thing at comic con...my photo op with Danai Gurira  and Michael Rooker ( Michonne and Merle) from THE WALKING DEAD! Hubs then took the girls to look on the floor and get his autographs while I spent the rest of my day standing in line to get said people to SIGN MY PICTURE!!!! {Yes I was screaming take my money PLEASE!!!!}
Michael Rooker is a card, I was standing in line and was in the front and he was talking to another person and I heard him say every family has a little Merle in it. I must have had a smirk on my face because he looked at me ,grins and says "You know what I'm talking about!"
And Danai, right after this picture was taken we were walking away and she tells Chris "Man you're tall!"  He replies I am short for my heighth. I see a look of total confusion on her face then she busted out laughing. Thank You for letting her get a memorable piece of humor from my husband.  {shaking my head}
Here's the other photos we had taken with the cast that day.

Even though my day was spent getting 3 autographs and a picture(TOTALLY worth it!) my hubs managed to get autographs from Felicia Day, Dirk Benedict (original Battlestar Galactica Starbuck and Face from Ateam) , Billy Dee Williams, and Grey DeLisle ( the voice actress of Mandy who signed his picture Nice Girls Suck!).
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