Friday, January 18, 2013

The Secret To Organizing My Paper Scraps.

 Scrap room, Craft room, Craft matter what you call your area that you create in it is always evolving. I thought I found the perfect way to sort and use my paper scraps and it always wound up looking a lot like this...
I always seemed to forget the little scraps perfect for card making that floated gently ( ok sometimes not so gently) to the bottom of my folders.  A lady in one of my Facebook groups showed how she stored hers and it got me to thinking, while it won't be exactly the same, it was doable so off we go to sort...where my piles looked like this 

What a mess of bent up paper, punched messes and scraps.

SO I cut the big pieces to 4.5x6  perfect for card fronts, kept some scraps as long as they would serve a purpose in card making, sorted it all by color and used an old photo organizer I had to pop them all in..
Now That I can live with and the best part was now I have room for the much bigger scraps that are still perfect for scrapbook pages.
 If you are paper crafter how do you store all your scraps? Do you keep them all or just certain sizes? This enquiring mind would love to know. So leave your answer in the comments below.

PS this is one of the projects I completed before Christmas LOL.

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