Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pintrest ..making us feel bad one closet at a time

Let me apologize first about my photo quality. I think the anti shake thing on my camera has gone kaput or because I have not picked up my camera in so long I am just bad at using it right now.
The other reason my blog has been so poorly neglected is Pintrest. Yes, the greatest time suck around has become my enemy this month. It made me feel like I was unorganized everywhere in my house pinning all those nice pantries and closets.  Ok so maybe they were kind of right looking at this pantry picture...yikes that's a mess.


Here's what 3 hours of empting out, scrubbing and organizing gets you.. a pantry you don't mind sharing with the world. Is it Pintrest worthy? Not by any means but its a vast, vast improvement.

I did not take a before picture of the fridge. Believe me when I say you did not want to see that. Let's just say you can tell teens we're doing a half way job cleaning up their messes. I like the after though...
 My fridge does not have all the nifty drawer organizers most fridges have these days. So I had to make my own using baskets and tubs found at Target and Walmart.

Then there was the middle child's closet.

She has reached that point of please store all my stuffed animals because I love them and not ready to part with them but I don't want them in my room anymore.  So I took her closet from this
to this. She actually has a floor in there. Who knew?  After cleaning out that closet I realize how much like me she is. All graphic tees and denim LOL.
There is one more reason the ole blog has been neglected and I saved that for last.  I say the neglect for this was worth it !
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