Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A new reveal in the craft cave

We bought our house a year ago now (wow doesn't seem that long) and I was over the moon excited I was going to have my own craft room again. At first it looked like it was going to be a maybe thing because the boy wasn't sure where he wanted to go to school. Here or New York.  So he came in and rearranged the room the way he wanted it and I worked around that.

He wound up going to school in New York and so I arranged the room the way I wanted to. 
It never really seemed to fit me. Don't get me wrong. I love my room! Creating in it seemed less the functional for me though. I even changed it once more that I don't have photos of.  My husband recently took leave over Christmas and I have been dragging my feet on picking a paint color for my room. I knew I wanted purple but most of my research showed me purple went one of 2 ways. WOW! or Wow that's a lot of purple.  It really stressed me out.
 I picked a color and quickly became a jangled mess of nerves and what if I hate it? I even made my self sick over it. My husband started and kicked me out of the house because I was on his last nerve and when I saw the first wall I still was unsure. I was unsure when it was done. then we added all the furniture back in and my new taller Billy bookcase from Ikea I used some of my Christmas money for , added a small decorative table to the side of the bed so guests have a spot to use to hold phones and other items and VIOLA I am in love!

I think it will even function well for me because my most used items are sitting right behind me for easy access.
All I need now is some Star Wars posters ( you see I used my brothers old Star Wars sheet set for a table cloth  on the d├ęcor table right?) Maybe a Curtain or just a valance..not sure yet and it will be the most loved room in the house.  It is for me now but some awesome Star Wars art will just make it complete! 
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