Monday, January 21, 2013

The not so perfect Christmas

Not sure if I mentioned I work in retail. Not just in retail but in one of the biggest toy companies around. Thanksgiving week I chose to work overnights instead of during the day and that my friends is what caused me to stop blogging longer then I intended. If I wasn't working, I was sleeping, if I wasn't doing either of those I was spending time with my family because I hardly ever saw them.
This year I didn't plan ahead and I had no Christmas cards made. I opted for the bought card route until my dad mentioned that he looks forward to getting my homemade cards every year as they are unique and no one has one just like it. OH way to lay THAT guilt on dad. Of course I settled down to make him  his card...

I decided on using his favorite teams colors for the tree d├ęcor and background. I think I pulled it off...maybe? I was honestly too sleep deprived to really focus.

Then I had to make Cynthia one because when she heard dad was getting one made she wasn't having that non sense so I made hers a short simple one as well. She loves green so I think it came out pretty cute.
Sad but yes the only cards I made this holiday season. I think I will plan ahead this year and start making them now so when I work over nights next year this won't be an issue. 
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