Thursday, January 24, 2013

Did someone say Copic?

Because the one thing no one tells you when you get addicted to these markers is how expensive the storage is when you start to buy these gems. If you start small no problem but seeing as they have over 300 colors in the arsenal you quickly realize they need their own space.  At first, I was just using a galvanized tin with beans to hold them. That quickly became too full and I had to look into alternatives. Pintrest to the rescue. ( How we ever survived without that website is beyond me!)  I put the hubs to work and here is my new Copic holder. 
We got a 16l very useful box from office max ( yes,that is truly what they are called)  and some lighting grid from home depot. Hubs did the measuring cutting and super gluing of it in place and when I came home form work all I had to do was add the markers. Now that's my kind of project.
 I have somewhere in the 80-100 range of markers but as you can see there's room to grow. The only down fall to the box is I can not use the lid because the copics are smidge too tall.  I am ok with that because I don't need them to be portable. ( I just jinxed myself.)  I have seen people use some of the very nice boxes from Michael's as well. You know the décor kind you can find near the baskets?
But I am curious. If you have the whole collection of markers (IE Jeanne) how do you do store them? I never thought to ask.
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