Friday, September 7, 2012

Twilight Tour Pt. 2 ( aka La Push)

No Twilight trip would be complete without a trip to La Push Beach were Bella first heard the story of the cold ones. Not to mention what kids don't love playing in the ocean? Even when it is freezing cold water.

C on the shore

It was dark water just like in the movie..

C playing in the sand

Me playing in the sand LOL

My bestest is so beautiful.... inside and out

Us by the ocean

View in the distance..

  D finally came back from the car...
 They ventured in the very edges...

then we went to climb on some driftwood...

 They almost fell completely into the water

 LOL Cyn saying it doesn't look so bad here I won't get that wet....

She was wrong !

Then they ventured out further....Crazy kids
 View as the fog started to lift...when we left
 Of course la Push is part if an actual indian reservation and they have a tribute to Jacob as well. His house!
Love that the mail box says B Black..

Front ..

With the garage they spent all the time building the bikes..

Team Jacob Chillin on the porch

 piling in to go home....
It was an excellent day and I think the only photo op I missed at  La Push was the sign that said TREATY LINE. No Vampires. But it was in a weird spot like the Welcome to Las Vegas sign so I opted to stay safe and drive past. When we hit Port Angles we were all so tired that we didn't wanna stop to see the book store or the restaurant Bella and Edward had their first "date" at.

We still had the 4 hour drive home. Unfortunately there were no biggest tree stops.

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