Thursday, September 6, 2012

Twilight tour Pt 1. (long)

I am going to get yelled at by so many people for this posting but WHATEVER....LOL  gonna do it anyway. Love you all!

Before the 1st Twilight movie came out a friend of mine who enjoys reading the same kind of books I do recommended I read the series. Well, my middle child read them and she became a die hard fan.  Fast forward a few years, she meets her friend D. They bond over Twilight and D's big sister C is also a fan. I first met her taking daughter and D to see New Moon and C really wanted to go. Fast forward a few more years and we are moving to Washington ( we even see the road sign to Forks on the same sign with Abeerdeen at which point daughter and I BOTH wanted to go hours out of our way instead of to Ft. Lewis)  I promised her then we would go see her beloved town. 

A year later, C surprises her sister with a trip to see us and I make good on my promise and even took the bestest along for the ride even tho she has never read the book or seen a movie....I never said my bestest was normal.

From Tacoma it is, and I kid you not, about a 3 to 4 hour drive to Forks...Crazy I know, but  I promised. On the way up bestest was getting antsy and we saw a sign for the world's largest spruce tree. I start hearing from bestest and C ya let's go let's go. My reaction was ok we are officially the Griswald family going out of the way to see the largest ball of mud...5 miles and a short hike later here we are!
Back on the road we get waylaid by state tree choppers( LOL I am sure they have a technical name but this chic don't know it)  Cyn and I hear a ruckus in the back seat and D was blaming her sister for messing with her. Turns out sap fell into her hair at the tree and you can see the chunk of hair attached to the rubber band.

 Sadly that was not the only chunk D got from her hair and when her sister had to open the side of the van to let the hair out it blew away like a tumble weed....We all died laughing. Like tears down the face laughing.

30 min. later we see a sign for world biggest ceder tree...we figured why not go for the trend. This one wasn't off our beaten path and you could drive right up to it!
 I think it looks like Yoda's house....

 We are NOT flashing a peace sign we were saying this is tree 2!

Girls in the tree ..if you look closely this is when we figured out C's new jacket glowed in the dark!

 Finally made it to Forks and as soon as you hit the visitors center Bella's trucks are sitting right there...

book version

movie version

 Inside the visitors center it was twilight to the max so Made the girls pose with cut outs
Team Jacob for D ( Bella looks a bit creepy there)

team Edward for daughter

Outside the visitors center..

why we needed a picture with a big tall lumberjack is beyond me.

Then the tour of the town started... 
Where Bella worked

 In front of the Swan house...

 Where Dr Cullen works,,,

They moved the sign from in front of the school....

Charlies place of business ( interesting note they look nervous because we were in the police parking lot...they were afraid we were gonna be run off LOL)

The town of forks uses a B&B for the Cullen house ...
 I didn't notice the cutout of Edward up there but I found it creepy...but then he does break into Bella's house and watch her sleep so I guess it's fitting.
 posing by note from Esme on the porch..
And all that was before lunch time! Whew Tired again just from reading and typing all that! Stay tuned for part 2.

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