Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I forgot!!!!

because that is so unusual right?  Then blame the kids they use my computer all day when they are home I never get a chance to get to it . School starts tomorrow , school starts tomorrow....

My middle child also "graduated " from Jr. High ( yes I still call it Jr. High) in June and while they didn't have a Graduation per se  they did have an awards ceremony.

Isn't the decor lovely? I mean its like this school was made for ohhhhh I don't know ME?

 filing in and my dd is in the plaid shirt with purple tank smack dab in the middle...

She got an award for excellent achievements in Science....
took after her mom on that on. I have a plaque from high school for excellence in Biology. I love biology and in fact once had a dream of becoming a marine biologist. Maybe I should go back to school. I live near a coast line now and I am sure I could find work somewhere in the field....HMMMM

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