Friday, September 21, 2012

The Bestest Mail Day

I know I just posted a birthday post, but I recently got my birthday box from the bestest. She rocks my world I tell you. She knows me so well. Here's what was in the box....

Darth Vader voice changer (I am nerd enough to say yes that was cool!), a cool tumbler, books, copics , DIY thickers, a scrap album, and some Halloween stuff...Aren't the eyeballs cute? I'll explain that in a second,

Her Husband Royce picked these out for me. I had seen them before and just never bought them because without fail when I did decide to buy them my family wanted to spend a lot of money so I always put them back. Now I can read them all at once! After I read my World War Z book, of course, which by the way I a really good book.

So the eyeballs, they are salt and pepper shakers someone in the Simply Betty Stamps group posted. You can only get them in Cracker Barrel. Washington does not have a one so I begged and pleaded with bestest  to get me a set. I mean, after all it is our favorite stuff your face till you wanna hurl eating establishment. I didn't think I hear much objection. Well, I also got this awesome tray...which come to think about it I have not seen since I opened this box....I think Kyla may have taken off with it.

When I opened the scrapbook I found this inside...
We had always planned on doing a kinda circle journal we passed back and forth  showing our lives apart to each other. Last time apart we never got to it.  She made sure we were going to this time. Ya kinda made me cry a bit. I miss her.  And thank goodness for skype because she got to see me unveil it all! I tell you she is the best!

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