Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saving for a (not so) rainy day

There are a lot of things I want to do in the next few years.  A lot of trips and vacations we want to save up for. So I told my husband we need to some way to visualize our goals. Something even the girls can look at and decide if they want to contribute they can.

Then I remembered having these around the house...

 I know right ? Why would I move empty cheese ball containers around with me , but I guess I got my answer because I have turned them into my savings jars.

First up my Disney Cruise jar....
 in that big empty space I plan on getting a jolees Disney cruise sticker which I have yet to procure.
 I had a lot of Creative Memories Disney sets and tags from swaps years ago that helped me add to the fun of  Disney feel.  And Yes my kids have gone through their change already  and have added some to the jar! They really want to do this cruise! Thank you Netflix for showing them what fun it'll be!

My big thing is I want to do a Star Wars Celebration event. The only thing is they only do them once like every 3 years...pouty face , pouty face!  But it gave me the reason to play with Star wars paper :)
 I really didn't have to do much since the paper was awesome all by itself but I did add a title(?) and a stamp from Simply Betty Stamps.

I  gorilla glued the lids and ,yes I did decorate those ,but failed on getting a picture. So now we have a start to a couple things we want to do in the future. Now I just need more jars for a trip to Australia and a trip to Disneyland and I want to go ...LOL my list is never ending!
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