Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy!

 On the 4th we headed to post to attend the celebration there. It included a fair so after lunch we headed out for the fun.
The kiddos headed right for the big slide. It isn't the first time they had been on one but Lukie had no issues going down on his own.

His older sister tho wanted mommy...

It was also the first year we let the girls be teenagers and go off on their own and this is how they came back to us!
Then back to Cynthia's house for  bbq dinner and some playing and of course some and Lukie...

and Chris and his Princess
After dinner we went and claimed a prime spot for firework watching where we played our last game of phase 10...
I found these yummy adult capri suns at Walmart in my favorite flavor Cherry Limeaid!SO yummy!

Our view of Mt.Rainier

Kids bored waiting for fireworks.

So we decided to play with packs of sparklers to pass the time..

Rainier looking red..was kinda cool

a rare photo of Cyn and her husband..That I have anyway ..


an even more rare photo of me and my husband...

More sparkler fun...

the moon was a really red color and very cool

Then the fun began for everyone...

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